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Medical instruments like disabled veterans medical supplies and equipment come in various shapes, materials, and sizes that affect their cleanability. Instruments with long, hinges, narrow lumens, and crevices present a greater challenge to the cleaning process than solid planar instruments. Material incompatibility with cleaning agents and high temperatures may restrict the choice of decontamination process see this 0. For example, flexible endoscopes and robotic instruments require nonthermal inactivation processes. Due to the uncertainty that instruments with intricate design can be adequately cleaned, the complete removal of protein from these types of instruments cannot be assured. For this reason disabled veterans medical supplies and equipment, in some countries, certain instruments are recommended as single-use, such as dental burrs and broaches.

There are cases in which ventricular cannulation can challenge even the most experienced of neurosurgeons to disabled veterans medical supplies and equipment. Our experience is to always use the landmarks and trajectory as outlined earlier, regardless of whether a mass lesion or significant shift is present.

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